For many parents across the world, being able to ensure that the needs of their baby are fully met in a safe and nurturing environment is of upmost importance. Of course, being a parent isn’t always easy and a helping hand often goes a long way towards assisting with the various challenges that arise during one of life’s most rewarding and beautiful journeys.


That’s why we at SavviSand wanted to ensure our products make life easier for parents and safer for children.  We are innovators of affordable, timesaving, functional travel accessories with an injection of style and environmental awareness.


SavviSand, despite only launching in June 2019, has taken the world of travel and beach accessories by storm. Our new sand-free sensation has already established an impressive awards collection and gained the trust of parents. In the most esteemed accolade in the family lifestyle awards arena. Recognised by brands, clients and consumers alike.


SavviSand won Sliver for “The Best Travel Product” (For Parents) 2020 Junior Magazine .

Being shortlisted against such prestigious brands was an honour, but to have actually won!  Check out the Judges reviews

Junior Design Awards 2020


Lux Life Magazine is a premium lifestyle publication. They publish only the most cutting edge of products, services, attractions and events. Some of the world’s most internationally renowned brands, individuals, high-end developments and products are highlighted in the magazine so that their esteemed readers will find everything they need to truly live a luxury lifestyle.

Absolutely delighted to be the winner of The Most Innovative Beach Accessory 2020” amongst the most luxurious brands in the world!


 LUXlife Award

Bizziebaby rewarded our chic beach accessory with a silver award in their category for Best Travel Products and Accessories 2019’. Another vote of confidence by parents.


bizziebaby Award

Not the only accolade that SavviSand has received in 2019,

SavviSand was a finalist for Best New Product 2019 at revered Irish parents’ magazine Mums and Tots Ireland.


When you’ve gained the trust and confidence of parents, you know SavviSand is actually making a difference to families.

That’s our real badge of honour!

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