Summer just got a whole lot smoother

SavviSand the Award winning Sand Remover that's lightweight & reusable.
It's a must-have beach accessory.

  • Removes Wet Sand

  • Skin Calming

  • Insect Repellent

  • All Natural Ingredients

  • Anti-Inflammatory

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Relaxed, sand free beach days.. more fun, more memories!

Sand remover for wet, scratchy sand from tiny hands and feet.

100% Natural Ingredients

A reusable, lightweight new beach accessory. SavviSand removes sand and eliminates irritation. Containing 100% natural plant and mineral extracts, SavviSand leaves skin smooth and effortlessly sand-free.


Compact & Sleek Design

Compact and sleek, SavviSand is the ultimate sand remover. A perfect beach bag accessory. Convenient and uncomplicated, SavviSand’s applicator removes wet sand with the push of a button.


Sweep Your Worries Away

Made with natural, non-toxic ingredients, SavviSand is an eco-friendly sand remover. SavviSand is a chic beach accessory for all the family to use. A one-time purchase, it's an investment for life.


Award Winning