From building sandcastles to hours spent bobbing in the water, the beach is, to most, nostalgic and fun-filled. One activity that is universally loathed is the cleaning up of the sand - the negative factor of any trip to the beach. An effective and attractive solution has been provided in the form of SavviSand. SavviSand is an award-winning, chic beach accessory that has revolutionised trips to spaces that have sand. Sleek and compact, SavviSand is one of the few sand removers  that fit comfortably in your bag. Featuring in designer magazines as one of the season’s best beach accessories, SavviSand is a product for all the family that will remove scratchy sand in a painless way. 


Beach Accessories for Near and Far: The SavviSand Effect

SavviSand was designed after two, beach-loving sisters became frustrated with the difficulties sand brought to family trips to the beach. Co-founder Celine McDonald says, “Towelling was sore and scratchy, running and filling buckets of water was exhausting and time-consuming”. McDonald’s daughter suffered from sensitive skin and an alternative method of sand-removal was sought. After extensive research, SavviSand was conceived as the answer to sand-related problems. An award-winning product, SavviSand’s sleek and facile design have made it an indispensable beach accessory for anyone who loves the beach but hates the sand. SavviSand is an eco-friendly and easy way to remove sand. 




SavviSand, despite only launching in June 2019, has taken the world of travel and beach accessories by storm. In 2019 alone, SavviSand has been a finalist for ‘Best New Product 2019’ at revered Irish parents’ magazine Mums and Tots. Not the only accolade that SavviSand has received in 2019, Bizziebaby rewarded the chic beach accessory with a silver award in their category for ‘Best Travel Products and Accessories 2019’. SavviSand has also been featured as Editor’s Choice in two of the top style magazines for mothers in London - Absolutely Mama and Yummy Mummy. Major publications are recognising that SavviSand is the best beach accessory for those who are ocean lovers - regardless if you are on the beaches of Saint Tropez, Huntington Beach, or St. Ives. 




Buckets, Spades and SavviSand: The Best Beach Accessories For Kids

SavviSand is becoming parents’ desired product to ease their trips to the beach. Based on the personal experience of sand-removal from one of the co-founder’s children, SavviSand strives to be an alternative to painful and inconvenient methods of cleaning sand after a fun day at the beach. One of the best beach accessories for kids, it offers a painless and natural method to remove sand and having sand-free hands at snack time. 

SavviSand’s ingredients are 100 per cent natural and are skin calming. This wonder formula is filled with non-toxic ingredients that are made from natural plant and mineral extracts. It also has the added bonus of being an insect repellent. With less irritation and swift application, it has become a must-have beach accessory for toddlers and kids who want to have sand-free snack times and a happier transition from beachwear.  




As a parent, having hassle-free beach trips is an exciting prospect. Using a product like SavviSand ensures that this becomes a reality. SavviSand is light-weight and compact making it a perfect beach bag accessory. A painless alternative to sand removal, the dual-purpose head is effective not only for wet sand but dry sand also. Snack time is seamless without grains of sand making their way into delectables. The reassurance of knowing children are not grappling with the after-effects of painful, scratchy sand is provided by SavviSand. With no irritation, family visits to the beach have never been so care-free. 



How Does SavviSand Work?

An investment in SavviSand ensures a smoother, more relaxing time at the beach. SavviSand is a reusable beach accessory with a dual-purpose head to deal with all sorts of sand. The facile design features a bespoke composition of soft bristles which effectively reach delicate areas like in between the fingers and the toes. If dealing with dry sand, the applicator sweeps sand gently away with ease. Usually, sand is accompanied by the sea, and wet sand can be painful and act as an irritant. SavviSand allows for their very own ‘sand’ formula to be produced by pressing down on a soft button located on the handle. This releases the formula onto the target area. The formula causes the wet sand to dry and is easily removed with the applicator. 

A multi-purpose, compact beach accessory, SavviSand is highly functioning. Not only does the formula act as a method of sand removal, but it also can serve as a natural and non-toxic deodorant and a dry shampoo. This makes it the ultimate beach accessory for those who spend their lives by the ocean. A versatile and attractive product, SavviSand adorns the beaches of Ireland to Australia, as beachgoers recognise the benefits of such a pragmatic product. 



Save the World With SavviSand

With the climate being a growing concern, SavviSand is a company that is passionate about promoting environmental awareness. SavviSand is a product that is ecologically minded. Reducing unnecessary plastic packaging is important to the brand and SavviSand have endeavoured to make that reality. SavviSand comes in its own reusable, zipped bag which can easily fit other products like sunscreen within it - perfect to avoid spillages in beach bags. Like a reusable water bottle, a SavviSand investment is for life. A refillable, one-time purchase, a paper sand pouch can be ordered to refill the applicator.  A perfect beach holiday accessory that manages to support ecological concerns by providing multi-purpose use. 

SavviSand is committed to keeping beaches clean and that includes the minerals in their sand. The ingredients of SavviSand are all-natural and non-toxic. With plant extracts, mineral extracts, and eucalyptus extracts in the formula, any waste product is entirely eco-friendly and non-damaging to the environment. A top beach accessory that does not act as a pollutant for the world’s oceans. 


Sun, Sea, and SavviSand

Award-winning and featured in multiple magazines as the must-have beach accessory, SavviSand is becoming a permanent fixture on beaches all around the world. From Dubai to the United States, SavviSand is becoming a beloved beach accessory due to its compact nature and strong aesthetic. Due to its petite design, it is easily slipped into any beach bag to make beach days less messy, less stressful, and more enjoyable. Anti-inflammatory, an insect repellent, and made with all-natural ingredients, SavviSand is skin-calming as well as providing an irritation-free time on the beach. The next trip to the beach should always include the sun, sea, and SavviSand. 




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